Passagemaker Lite 46

The original Passagemaker Lite design. Big enough to be a full time home yet not too big to be built, maintained, and crewed by a couple. Twin engines of approximately 60 HP will push her up to 11plus knots and provide long range cruising speeds of 9-10 knots. Round bottom sheathed strip or cold-molded (3 layers) wood construction. Foam cored fiberglass construction option. Multi-chine aluminum plate construction.

Elegant Motoryachts

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    • Elegance is a quality missing for some time in motoryacht design… but what is elegance and how could one define this? Our Oxford dictionary defines elegance as “dignified richness and grace”. This sounds good to me, dignity is sadly lacking in much of yacht design with our “over the top” mentality. Forty foot boats with 4 heads and gold plated taps, disco underwater coloured lights, and fake leather upholstery is less than dignified. In fact it all becomes junk after the first run upwind in a moderate sea. Many modern motoryachts seem to have splashed down into our bay straight from Mars or someplace further.

      The above sketch is another attempt at something more restrained and dignified, that will look at home underway or at anchor, on the BC coast or in Italy. Styling wise she is a smaller (refined) version of the 83′ Black Knight, designed by Walter McInnis. Black Knight was originally called Cassiar, built in 1968 by Goudy & Stevens in East Boothbay. She was the middle boat of three yachts built on similar lines, the first being Lions Whelp of 1966, and the last the 1989 Yorel. The last was well along in construction at Hodgdon Yachts when I first met Tim Hodgdon, but I did get to design a couple of tables that went aboard her. This hull was intended to run at moderate speed (mid-teens cruising) and be comfortable in a sea….the epitome of grace and dignity.

    • 61 foot elegant motor yacht
Tad Roberts