Passagemaker Lite 80

  • PL 80 Specifications

    • Construction: Cold-molded, Aluminum. Multi-chine hull form.
    • LOA: 80' 0"
    • LWL: 76' 3"
    • Beam: 17' 6"
    • Draft: 5' 0"
    • Displacement: 145,000 lbs
    • Fuel: 4,400 US gallons
    • Fresh Water: 600 US gallons
    • Power: 2 Caterpillar 3306B 3355 Horse Power @ 2,200RPM
    • Speed: 14.5 knots (top), 12.5 knots (cruise)
    • General Comments: Maxi sized Passagemaker Lite offering large accommodation, high cruising speeds, and long term endurance.  Range is 3400 miles at 12 knots.  Her huge main saloon is almost 29’ long and the full width of the boat, an area wide open to your arrangement ideas. 

PL 80 Stock Plans

    • Construction Method and Materials:

      Multi-chine hull form
    • Full size plot files:

      For hull station molds, bulkheads, deck and house beams, stem, etc.
    • CAD Drawings

      of general construction, construction sections, tanks, deckhouse, profile and arrangement, shaft and rudder plan.
      • Full Plans

        for aluminum construction $18,000 CAD
      • Full Size Metal Parts Plots

        $12,000 CAD

Design Review

Off the Drawing Board: Passagemaker Lite 46, 56, and 80 PDF
Art Paine, Maine Boats and Harbors, Issue 76, Autumn 2003

There is nothing new to the idea of thin, light, seaworthy, and fast powerboats, and Tad Roberts has been inspired by several of those of the past. To Roberts, these boats brought to mind a glaring question: Why didn't the whole world flock to these sensible and efficient pleasure powerboat designs? He answered that question by identifying the elements that limited the type, and, in his Lite designs, addressed them. All in all, the Passagemaker Lite series is masterful work.

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  • Yacht designer Tad Roberts offers a wide range of yacht design and naval architecture services from new design of power, sail, and small boats to oversight of refits and restoration, to consulting on Transport Canada and ISO regulations and standards for commercial vessels.

Designer's Comments

Arrangement aboard the Passagemaker Lite 80 is somewhat different than the PL 46 and 56 due to its greater size. In this case, I raised sole in the main living area to about 8" (203.2mm) above DWL to allow for extensive integral tankage below the waterline in the correct longitudinal position. The forward section of the boat is given over to staterooms with dinghy storage above. I moved the pilothouse from the foredeck to above the saloon to increase visibility from the helm. The 80 does have an aft engineroom similar to the PL 46 and 56.

The possibilities for ocean-crossing performance with the PL 80 are impressive. With a pair of 3306 Caterpillar engines producing a maximum 355 BHP, top speed is about 14.5 knots. At 12 knots, range is 3,400 miles (5,471.8 km). With good weather, a West Coast (U.S.)-to-Hawaii crossing could be made in less than eight days, and the 2,550 miles (4,103.8 km) from Bermuda to the Canary Islands can be completed in under nine.

Tad Roberts