Passagemaker Lite Dawkins 62

Dawkins 62, Ketch-rigged Passagemaker Lite. 62' aluminum ocean crossing sail-assisted powerboat with French canal capability. Her sailing rig is designed to be folded down by the owner and kept aboard during canal cruising. With rig lowered and at her design draft vertical “air-draft” is 11’8”. Owner’s suite forward, twin en-suite guest cabins aft under the boat deck. Galley, dining area midships. Raised pilothouse with direct flying bridge access. Construction multi-chine aluminum. Three watertight bulkheads and integral tanks forming double bottom. Latest in the Passagemaker Lite series.

Design Catalogue

Passagemaker Lite Designs, 39'-98'

  • Passagemaker Lite 39

    Passagemaker Lite 39

    The traditional PL arrangement of flush raised deck and sunken pilot house with bridge behind is still workable at 39’ LOA. In this boat it has been adapted to a single mid engine configuration.

  • Passagemaker Lite 41

    Passagemaker Lite 39

    The PL 41 has developed over a number of years in close cooperation with a client who plans to use the boat for extensive cruising based in Southern Norway.

  • Passagemaker Lite 46

    Passagemaker Lite 46

    Another feature is the aft engineroom; there is no having to live around, or on top of, engines. The main machinery is completely isolated by a full-height watertight bulkhead.

  • Passagemaker Lite 46plus

    Passagemaker Lite 46plus

    Passagemaker Lite Ataraxia is a Passagemaker Lite 46 plus, the "plus" indicating increased length for added interior volume over the original 46' design. She is built of fiberglass sheathed Japanese Cedar strip-planking on NC cut station molds.

  • Passagemaker Lite 56

    Passagemaker Lite 56

    The helmsman is only a couple of steps away from line handling when docking the boat. All the way forward is another well deck, this one for safety while handling ground tackle.

  • Passagemaker Lite 5602

    Passagemaker Lite 5602

    With 15’ beam and multi-chine aluminum construction. A large deckhouse with galley up, plus a full flying bridge, and sleeping cabins forward and aft. Midships engine room and tank space for single or twin power. Large flush aft deck for tender storage.

  • PL Dawkins 62


    Dawkins 62 sail-assisted Passagemaker Lite. Ketch-rigged 62' aluminum ocean cruiser.

  • Passagemaker Lite 80

    Passagemaker Lite 80

    The possibilities for ocean-crossing performance with the PL 80 are impressive. With good weather, a West Coast (U.S.)-to-Hawaii crossing could be made in less than eight days, and the 2,550 miles (4,103.8 km) from Bermuda to the Canary Islands can be completed in under nine.

  • PL98

    Passagemaker Lite 46

    With 20’ beam and multi-chine hull for aluminum construction. The PL80 concept adapted for long range hydrographic work. 28’ long aft deck with storage hold and engine room under. On deck lab space with wet room and main galley, double sleeping cabins for 12 crew forward. Raised pilot house and workboat storage on fordeck.

  • PL74

    With 17’ beam and multi-chine hull for aluminum or steel construction. A different arrangement again with stepped main deck. Flush aft deck for boat storage over lazerette garage. Engine room under main saloon area with owner’s cabin under pilothouse, guest cabins and office area forward. Full flying bridge with additional small boat storage.

  • PL66 & 72

    Smaller versions of the PL80 with similar arrangements. Raised pilot house with full Portuguese bridge over full width main saloons. Engines aft and sleeping cabins forward under the boat deck.

  • New PL65

    With 17’ beam and multi-chine all aluminum or steel hull construction. A very different double-deck arrangement with main saloon and pilothouse on a completely flush main deck surrounded by full bulwarks. Full flying bridge and large aft deck with roof over. Transom opening into huge lazerett garage for storage of boats and dive gear. Engine room forward of garage with owner’s full width cabin forward of that. Guest cabins and office areas in foc’sl.

  • PL64traditional

    With 15’ beam and multi-chine all aluminum or steel hull construction. Typical PL arrangement but with slightly raised pilot house and bridgedeck to provide a full width stateroom under the pilot house. Single level flush main deck, engines aft.

  • PL60traditional

    With 14’ beam and multi-chine all aluminum or steel hull construction. Engine room aft, 16’ long full width main saloon, 8’ pilothouse, and 19’ long foc’sl. Tender storage and outside cockpit with controls on flush main deck.

Tad Roberts